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Digital Fine Arts Class links:

Digitial Art Museum

Hannah Hoch: How to Be An Artist  (Artsy article)

How to add a watermark on Instagram Photos (5min video)

Remembering Milton Glaser (Video 15min)

Mandala link


Mandala Creator #2

The Art of the Doodle: 20 Examples

Fun drawing tool: MrDoob
Psychedelic Art of the 60’s (Article with images)

Or try this one: Bomomo

Second Class:

Elements Vocabulary Handout
Beginning Graphic Design: Fundamentals (GCF Learn Free: Video 6:25)
(Line, Shape, Texture, Form, etc.)
HW: Take photos of the elements of Design: Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Color, Form & Space

The 6 Principles of Design: Visual Example


Zefrank_Flower Builder

Patterns of Infinity (Isometric Designs) (Great fun with your own photo)

The Image
Beginning Graphic Design: IMAGES (GCF Learn Free: Video 5:46)
Seeing Design (GCF Learn Free: 3:54 min Video)
(Soft Intro to Human Centered Design Thinking.)

Figure | Ground:

15 hacks to better photos

Monochromatic Images of Architecture

Nick Brandt: Black & White Images of Animals Africa_black_an_white

15 Gorgeous Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With Flower Photography

Images Reveal How Perfectly Ansel Adams’ Photos Align with the Golden Ratio

Composition ( – excellent infographic)

Gurney Journey (Composition Tab – robust informative blog)

Illustrator/Pen tool:

Introduction to Illustrator (Adobe)

Creative Boom – Richard Keeling: Artist creating graphic abstract illustrations

Creative Market: 10 Basic Elements of Design (blog post with examples)

The Bezier Game

Fourth Class:
HW: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical compositions, you create yourself.
* link below to get ideas.

Example Photographs: Disassembled Objects

*Cool web site: Stationary store, London (Symmetrical | Asymmetrical)

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.10.17 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.10.58 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.10.49 PM

Fifth Class:
Critique arranged object Images: symmetrical/asymmetrical
Discussion: gestalt, figure | ground, similarity

Demo: Creating a pattern swatch in Illustrator
Path Finder

HW: Draw a page of shapes and sketches to utilize to create a pattern.
Read pages 46-56 in your textbook:  Scanning.

Video that explains sizing a pattern in Illustrator and using the thilde key.
By: Laura Coyle (She has a bunch of good tutorials on you tube.)

Sixth Class:
Illustrator Layers
read: 103-114

Illustrator Extra Resources:

Digital Foundations:
Chapter 3 – Symmetry

Drawing a linear spiral in Illustrator: Deke’s Techniques (Spiral Tool)

Spoon Graphics: Vector Polygon Logo (Video: Fast example of pen tool, quick commands, gradients.)

Aaron Draplin: Working efficently in Illustrator Vectors
(works and talks very fast-not for everyone’s taste)

Shape Builder Tool: Creating a keltic knot in Illustrator

Spoon Graphics Blog (50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See.)

Spoon Graphics: Vector Polygon Logo (Video: Fast example of pen tool, quick commands, gradients.)

Kern Type: A Kerning Game


Fun type interaction: Text Particles (In the tool bar try changing the word and refreshing.)


Spirograph Lines:
Illustrator Tutorial: Creating a continuous, single line, spirograph |,
Deke’s Techniques. YouTube Hyprotocoids

Examples of old B&W photos colorized emphasizes the role of color in photography.

CreativeBoom article on Color Theory


Adobe Color

Color test with triads etc

Pantone Color match

Color game, eye test, speed.

Elements of Design:
Grafix – Elements: line, shape, value, texture, color, form/space

Grafix – The Colorwheel: A Brief History

Create your own prezi,by DaniellLockhear: Interactive slideshow on texture and value

Introduce creating, shooting, stamping and scanning own surface textures.
Creativemarket (Check out free download section)
Add texture to type or mandala assignment.

Photoshop Introduction and Resources:
How to take better photos (15 tips article)

Beginner Graphic Design: Images (Start Here)(Working with images, resolution, etc.)(Video 5:46)

15 Gorgeous Photos that Will Make You Fall In Love with Flower Photography

The Shape of Things: Photographs by Robert B Menschel  (Mostly B&W Photographs from the collection of MOMA)

Google : Photo montage and Photo Manipulation for initial example images.
Read Pages 56-63 in your textbook. (Also refer to page 24 for Photoshop Toolbox definitions.)

LensCulture Article: Recognizing Whats Next For You As A Photographer.

Useful Commands:
Select Inverse
Command D: deselect selection.
Edit Transform, Edit free transform (hold shift Key)
Option Command Z for multiple undo’s.

Before flattening a file: Crop extra images from outside of page view
Command A – Select all, Image – Crop
Layer – Rasterize smart objects

Learning Photoshop:

(Start here) Introductory Video on Layers and Masks (Youtube 19min – viewed in class)
(Basic layers through min 6:56 and then goes into non-destructive editing.)

Clone tool and non-destructive editing (20min in class video)

Reducing Photoshop File Size: Creative Market Info Graphic

How to make better selections in Photoshop (Article)

Digital Foundations Chapter 9- Layering and Collage: (on line free textbook)
Chapter 9
(see examples below under heading Collage Examples)

Digital Foundations Chapter 11- Layer masks/Non destructive editing:
chapter 11
Using filters to simulate watercolor paintings.

Photoshop Essentials: Watercolor Painting technique (article with step by step examples)

Photography Articles:

* The Art of Portrait Photography Today (Video 8 min, 8/2013)

A Portrait Session with a Twist

J. Paul Getty Museum article on assessing Photographs

J. Paul Getty Museum: links and lesson plan index

11 Pioneering Women Photographers, from Julia Margaret Cameron to Helen Levitt

The Future of Photography: Computational Photography – Cell phones with multiple lenses.


Photography Technique Resources:

*Creative Photography: Portrait Photography (Youtube Video 7min)
Creative Photography: Class Listings

Lightroom Presets for Professional Photographers – Examples of filters on photographs.

Life Hacks: 15 rules to better photography.

Life Hacks: Aperture chart

Example of Photoshop Actions that you can purchase

Photographers shooting a Series:

Souhayl_A – Paris: Black Friday and Days After

Daniel Taylor: B&W Negative Photos

My Mondern
Double Exposures Animals

Self Portraits| Photographers shooting Portraits:
(See Creative Photography: Portrait Photography – video, above, under: Photography Techniques.)

Wikipedia (Self-Portrait: Definition and Examples)

See Saatchi Art: Collage/Surrealism

30 Unconventional self portraits

Craig Cutler

Cara Llewellyn

Student Self-Portrait Projects

Oleg_Oprisco: Surrealism in photography

Collage Examples| Photo Manipulations:

Reine Paradis: The Creators Project

Erik_Johansson: Photo Manipulation

Shamekh Bluwi: Illustrator, Amman, Jordan (Images combine drawing and photography)

Mark Weaver: Illustrations

Photo stream from Flickr:

Mail Art 234

FB: April 14, 2015 the power of concentration, balancing feather.

Final Project:
Some topic ideas for your final project topics might be:
Nature, Flowers, Buildings, Bridges, Architecture, Family, Travel

Online Photo Book Publisher:

(Sign up, work on your book, and wait to purchase until they send you a good coupon.)
Final Project Examples:

Student books from S2016


*Can’t Meditate? Here’s Why You Should Try Art!
1. Art is a vehicle for meditation and self-connection
2. Art provides a feeling of flow & freedom
3. Art allows for true self-expression
4. Art helps us become steady & centered

Photography and Motion:



Shepard Fairey (Obey, Andre the Giant)

Drawing Blog on composition and balance, symmetrical, asymmetrical

Physics game

Adobe Capture Pattern Trap. (Pattern Observer Post)

Adobe Creative Cloud (How to use Pattern Capture)

Photobooth for Interactive Design (Mirror filter)

Shapeways Magazine

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