50 Fresh Essential and Free Resources for Your Graphic Design Projects (Creative Boom)

5 Ways to Make Money Using Adobe Illustrator (Erin Gipford Blog post)

Spoon Graphics: Their page on legal usage & the  Creative Commons.
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines 15th (A must have)

How 31 Holiday Cards (Holiday Inspiration)

Anthony Dart (Behance | great blending of Ps and Ai in work.)
Anthonyneildart (website)
Anthony Neil Dart (Pinterest)

Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920-1930’s (So beautiful. Inspiration .pdf)

The First Six Books of Euclid with Coloured Diagrams by Byrne (Beautiful Illustrations)
The Elements of Euclid (website)

My Modern Net: Leonardo Da Vinci Notebooks are online (article)

Design Dictionary 36 Terms You Should Know and Understand (Cheat-sheet)

Beginning Graphic Design: IMAGES (GCF Learnfree: Video 5:46)


Whats new in Illustrator 2019 (Adobe)

Adobe Illustrator Product (Video 1:13)

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator (Video 2:58min)

Adobe: Daniele De Nigris (Illustration Process Video 1:16)

Link to Adobe Features (Video’s Menu)

Adobe Illustrator Global Edits

Color: (for more links – see bottom of page)

Adobe Color

(app to generate color schemes)

Learn the pen tool with:

Pen Tool Intro Video

The Bezier Game (http://bezier.method.ac)

Minimal Lines Maximum Impact (Article: Adobe Create Magazine)


Minimal Vector Portrait (Adobe 1min video – Simple shapes)

Create and Edit Shapes (Adobe help video series: Draw Simple Shapes 4:43, Create Lines 3:44, Combine Shapes 3:35, Trace to Make Shapes 4:25)

Helen Bradley: Learn to Draw Zig-zag Lines (Youtube video: 8:24min)

Learn to draw anything with Adobe CC (Video 43:00min/applied: curve tool, shaper tool, Keltic knots, color, Re-color Artwork)

Universal Shapes: Circle Examples

Pathfinder Tool:

How to Use The Pathfinder Tool (Graphic and definitions by Melissa Carter)

Texture & Layer Masks & Texture to Fonts:

How to Texture a Shape Using an Opacity Mask in Illustrator (Helen Bradley: Video 6:56min)

How to Add Textures to Fonts (Becky Kinkead: Blog post with 1.35 min video | Type layer on-top, select both, command 7)

How To Make a clipping Mask in Illustrator CS6 (1:33min)

How to Texture a Shape Using an Opacity Mask (Helen Bradley 6:54 min)

Overprint Design Effects:

Showcase of Colourful Designs Made with Overprint Effects (Spoon Graphics)

10 Great Examples of Overprint Design (And How to Do It) (Edgee)

Blend tool:

Elegant Illustrations of Animals Made with Graceful Lines and Lively Colors  (Artwork done with the blend tool by Andrea Minini)

Animals with a Miore Pattern by Andrea Minini (Blend tool)

Helen Bradley for DesignCuts: How to Create Geometric Art and Gradient Lines in Illustrator (Blend Tool)

Spoon Graphics: Replace spine and how to line up concentric circles made with the blend tool. (4 min. video)

Spoon Graphics: How to create Digital Particle Waves in Adobe Illustrator (Article)

Intricate Circle Patterns with the Blend tool. (4:09min)

Advanced Blend Tool (YouTube Video)

How to Use the Blend Tool (YouTube Video 21min)


Beautiful Typographic Poster Series by John Maeda (Blogspot)

My Pinterest Boards:
Type as Form

Beginning Graphic Design: Typography
(Introductory Video: type classifications, hierarchy, leading, tracking, kerning, 6:32)
(also listed below under Videos)

Typography Vocabulary Cheatsheet (Interactive)

Readability vs Legibility (Creative Market: article with visual comparisons)

Kahn Academy: Origins of Written Language (video7:19min)

Kahn Academy: History of the Alphabet (9:22min)

Evolution of the Alphabet (B&W Poster)

Typography Posters 108 (designyourway.net blog post)

The Shape Tool (Game: To look closely at type and shape.)

Type Games:

Kern Type: A Kerning Game


Fun type interaction: Text Particles (In the tool bar try changing the word and refreshing.)

Isometric Designs:

Caprivating Geometric GIFs by Florian de Looij

Creative Boom: Richard Keeling (pdf isometric images: bright, bold, beautiful)

Pinterest Isometric Category

Designer Daily: Design Quotes with Georgous Type by Rafa Goicoechea (Isometric designs)

Coen Pohl  (Behance: Isometric Personal identity, shows excellent process)

Isometric Drawing:

Isometric Drawing learning game (Start here)

Link to site with basic example (teaching resources)


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.42.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.43.51 PM


Isometric Tutorials:

Isometric Type Tutorial Spoon Graphics (7min – awesome)

Isometric Tutorial By Flow Graphics (8 min, set up guides in isometric perspective, snap to guides as you build)
Isometric Grid Tutorial (YouTube, 6min)
Tutorial Isometric cube (7min Lynda.com lots of quick commands)

How to Create an Isometric Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator (Spoon Graphics Tutorial)

How to draw an Isometric building in Illustrator (Design Cuts Tutorial, Video 28min)

Cube with Type on it (19 min) Effect- 3D-Rotate
Isometric Video (Youtube 4 min)

How to make an Isometric city (effect 3D extrude, very different working method, but interesting)

Example of an isometric design used in a t- shirt design (Shows design through finished product)

Digicorps_Illustrator Practice (Practice lessons and sheets, basic)

Research for Posters:

12 Festivals Around the World (Spoonflower post)


How to Print Poster Flawlessly (article with helpful guidelines)

Typography Posters: Tips, Best Practices, And 108 Examples (article)

Type as Shape Tutorials: (Especially good for type recipe project)

Buffalo Typography Tutorial  (Roosevelt Graphic Arts: Blog post)

How to Add Textures to Fonts: Becky_Kinkead (Masking type: Blog post with 1.35 min video)

Behance Gallery: TAWAZUN Campaign (Nice Visuals of Arabic Type as Shape)

Icon Design:

Here’s How to Design an Icon from Scratch: A Step By Step Guide (Career Foundry)

How to Design Better Icons (Skillshare Blog)

Animal Logos (Good example of how to build with vectors)

Precious Gem Icons (Gradient/Gem stones)


Minimal Vector Portrait (Adobe 1min video)

Saatchi Art (Worth a look in here to see developed surfaces.)

Distortion Photography


Patterned Wallpaper Making Video From 50’s

Hotel Marrakech, Morocco

Video that explains sizing a pattern in Illustrator and using the thilde key.
By: Laura Coyle (She has a bunch of good tutorials on you tube.)

Lynda.com (Pattern Generator | pattern tile tool)

Pattern Design Speed Art (6:45min video, not tutorial, but very interesting
insight into the whole pattern generation process, through application.)


Teela Cunningham: How to create a seamless repeat pattern brush. (14min. video)

Illustrator Extra Resources:

Vintage Style Guides and Free Vector Graphics

5 Top Illustrator Tools for Typography | Satori Graphics
(Appearance Panel, Pathfinder, Direct Selection Tool, Gradient tool, Warp tool)(Video 10min)

Skillshare Class: 10 Tips to speed up workflow

How to rotate an object around a circle. (Youtube 4 min) (Create a dotted circle or a square dashed line.)

How to make a circle graph in 2 min. (video 2min)

Video that explains sizing a pattern in Illustrator and using the thilde key.
By: Laura Coyle (She has a bunch of good tutorials on you tube.)

Drawing a linear spiral in Illustrator: Deke’s Techniques (Spiral Tool)

Aaron Draplin: Working efficently in Illustrator Vectors
(works and talks very fast-not for everyone’s taste)

Shape Builder Tool: Creating a keltic knot in Illustrator

Spoon Graphics Blog (50 Illustrator Tutorials Every Designer Should See.)

Spoon Graphics: Vector Polygon Logo (Video: Fast example of pen tool, quick commands, gradients.)


For Decades Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illistrations Inside of Switzerland’s Maps (AIGA: Eye On Design)

SpoonGraphics: How to create flat style vector map (article)

AIGA Artists Video Series: Paula Scher (Video)

Behance Map Illustrations

Spirograph Lines:

Illustrator Tutorial: Creating a continuous, single line, spirograph | lynda.com,
Deke’s Techniques. YouTube Hyprotocoids


Colors (app to generate color schemes)

Examples of old B&W photos colorized emphasizes the role of color in photography.

Color from Iconic Movies (Palettes)

CreativeBoom article on Color Theory


Adobe Color

Color test with triads etc

Pantone Color match

Color game, eye test, speed.

Elements of Design:

Grafix – Elements: line, shape, value, texture, color, form/space

Grafix – The Colorwheel: A Brief History

Create your own prezi,by DaniellLockhear: Interactive slideshow on texture and value


Creating, shooting, stamping and scanning own surface textures.
Creativemarket (Check out free download section)