Hannah Hoch: How to Be An Artist  (Artsy)

Julieanne Kost “Colors of Place” (Adobe Create)

40 Amazing Designs with Detailed Engraving Style Effects

How Magritte Changed My life (Surrealism)

15 Amazing Black and White Photos of Landscapes (Value)

Images Reveal How Perfectly Ansel Adams Photos Align With the Golden Ratio (My Modern Met)


Ps Tutorials and Articles
Poster Video Link
 (Adobe 1 min with instructions, this is the video from the class project)

Top tutorials of 2018 from Spoon Graphics

Top 20 New Features Explained Photoshop 2019

Phlearn Photoshop Tutorials

61 Top Photoshop Tutorials to Try Creative Bloq


How to make an embossed effect in Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Create, Great to use with expanded square patterns.)


How to blend images in Photoshop 2019 (14min)


Mandala Design:
Adobe: Radial Symmetry in Photoshop

Photoshop Essentials: How to use Paint Symmetry in Photoshop CC

Mandala Design Pattern Symmetry Tool Ps 2019 (Textile Design Lab Tutorial)

Making Selections:

How to Quickly Change the Background in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorial *quick & excellent, 3min)

Top 3 Selection Techniques (tutorial article)

How to create an Awesome Letter Portrait (7min)


How to select and change colors in Photoshop (PHLEARN Video 10:18)
The color replacement brush Photoshop CC (Video5:27)

Create Custom Brushes:
The Quickest Way to Create Custom Brushes in Photoshop CC

Design Cuts Tutorial:

Type Heavy Package design in Photoshop

How to Create a Colourful Illustrated Marakesh Travel Poster Using Photoshop and Illustrator (Design Cuts Tutorial with freebees)

How to Create a Colourful Illustrated Marakesh Travel Poster Using  Photoshop and Illustrator (YouTube Link)

Repeat Patterns:

Jungalow: How to Create a Repeat Pattern (Tutorial from watercolor to finish repeat pattern.)

StudioKalumi: How to Make a Repeat Pattern in Photoshop  
(Easier to follow)


How to Resize an image in Photoshop (and when you should Resample instead) Spoon Graphics

Misc. Tutorials and Articles:

Spoon Graphics: Text Portrait in Photoshop (Amazing step by step)

Design Cuts Tutorial: How to Create a Scandinavian Art Poster Design in Photoshop

Spoon Graphics: Where to Find Extra Blending Modes Hidden in Ps

Adobe Create Magazing Tutorial: Paper Cutout Effect in Photoshop

Adobe Create Magazine Tutorial: Make It In A Minute: Neon Effect In Photoshop

Shapeways- 3D Design: How I Made A Custom iPhone Case In Photoshop

Clouds background images to use in your designs


Ps Actions for Portratits that you can Download Now


Moving Pictures: Rebecca Mock has Turned Gifs into an Art Form (Animated .gifs explained)

Adobe Help: How To Make An Animated Gif In Photoshop

Light Painting:

Extraordinary New Light Paintings Capture Colorful Movements of Kayaks and Canoes (Stephan Orlando)

(see animation above)

Adobe Help: How To Make An Animated Gif In Photoshop

Beautiflly Simple Click to Copy CSS Effects

Image Banks| Stock Photography