Foundation Design 1 & 2

Design (Amazing resource, check it out.)

Cartoon of the Creative Process

Six Professional Layout Design Tips (Blurb book blog.)

12 Free Ways to Learn Design (Creative Market, look at this resource!!)

Seeing Design (GCF Learn Free: 3:54 min Video)
(Soft Intro to Human Centered Design Thinking.)
Beginning Graphic Design: Fundamentals (GCFLearn Free: Video 6:25)
(Line, Shape, Texture, Form, etc.)
Drawing Helps You Think (YouTube: TED Talk 17min)

The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy (Free eBook)

xDesign Principles and Practice (Book: By Armin Hoffman)

Leonardo Da Vinci Sketchbooks (Interactive book, British Museum site)

Found in a Junk Shop:Secrets of an Undescovered Visionary Artist

Accessable Home (Dwell Magazine article & video. Visual Balance.)

Frank Lloyd Wright (Seven Hidden Gems, Article about architecture.)

Five Simple Shapes:
Nicholas Wilton Video on Shape (*Start at 4min mark*)

The 6 Principles of Design:

Blog that discusses elements of design: Line, shape, space, value 10 Principles of Design in cut paper (Excellent example for foundations)

Mark Simpson: Principles of Graphic Design (33.59 min)
(What is graphic design? Using order and clarity. Build design intelligence and intuition through practice.)

Creative Market: 10 Basic Elements of Design (blog post with examples)

Artist Cuts Elaborate Designs With Astounding Details From Single Sheets of Paper (My Modern Met)
Principles of Design Illustrated (Pinterest)
Elements and Gestalt Principles Illustrated (Pinterest)


Shantell Martin: A Life in Line

Draw Blindfolded with Shantell Martin

Black & White Landscape Photos (great for discussion on line)

My Modern Met: Artist (Peter Kogler ) Uses Optical Illusions to Create Mind Bending Room Installations (Article)

How to be an Artist: Paul Klee (Line/color)

Jeremy Holmes (Wood Sculptor working in line & negative space.)

Open Culture: Videos of iconic artists at work.

My Modern Met: Photographers Gain Entry Into Traditional African Village Where Every House Is A Work of Art (Article: applied line, shape and pattern)

ALEX  (You Tube Music Video: Illustrated line over video)

Shape | Form:

Meet Mr. Doodle (Video)

Make It In Design: Meet Mr. Doodle Interview (Shape and Line)

7 Artists Who Created Innovative Mobiles – beyond Alexander Calder (Shape, form and motion.)

My Modern Met: Artist Tracks Her Own Kinetic Movement Directly Onto Paper (article)

Pergola House (, Article)

Piera House, Spain (, Article)

Heather Hanson: Drawing Inward (Artist working kinetically with symmetry and drawing)

The Visual Vocabulary of Hussain Almoosawi (Pattern and repetition of shape in architecture.)

How Brutalist Luminary Marcel Breuer Became a Master of Concrete (Artsy Article on Visual Culture, concrete architecture, etc)

Figure | Ground:

Design your way: Negative Space Design (Very nice examples of figure/ground relationship at work!)

Gestalt Principles (explained with visuals)

Beautiful Typographic Poster Series by John Maeda (Blogspot)

? Monochromatic Images of Architecture

? Abandoned ghost-town with incredible buildings in China
(I don’t know why…this is just cool.)

? The Shape of Things: Photographs by Robert B Menschel  (Mostly B&W Photographs from the collection of MOMA)

Visual Culture:

Zaha Hadid: A Look Back at Her Work

Zaha Hadid: Coffee table Design

Zaha Hadid Architects’ New Tower Shows Off Worlds Tallest Atrium (Curbed: article)

Six Breathtaking Zaha Hadid Designs in Faraway Places

The Architecture or Moshe Safdie: A Man of the World

From Matisse to Turrell, 8 Artists Who Designed Transcendent Chapels

A Look Back at I.M. Pei’s Greatest Hits

The Founders of the First Digital Art Museum in the World Make Art for All your Senses

Frank Gehry: The Architect (BBC 1 hour documentary, well worth it if you have some time.)

Pointalism | Drawing Architecture:
Artist Draws Countless Lines and Dots to Capture the Majestic Beauty of Mountains (My Modern Met)

Xavier Casalta: Drawings done in pointalism

Frank Loyd Wright Drawings of Architecture (Curbed article)

Type: (great blog, tons of resources)

Typography Pinterest Page

Typography Pinterest Page 2


Design Quotes (Hub Spot)

101 quotes about design and creativity

Molly Jacques blog  (Great place to start with free tutorials)

Lettering Daily (Instagram Post – Video of word Elements)

Top 25 Inspirational Hand Letterers to follow on Instagram

12 Hand Lettering Artists to Follow on Instagram

Hand-lettering: The Beginners Guide (Article: Skillshare Blog)

10 Hand-lettering Enhancements ( | we watched this in class)
(look for free .pdf download)

Made by: Marzipan Hand-lettering (Video 7:41min)

How to Vectorize Hand Lettering_Teela Cunningham (12min tutorial: Ps, Ai, auto trace)

Guide to hand lettering (Inkedmade: Classes, Shop, tutorials, pages to trace.)

Artists working with hand drawn type:
Takenobu Igarashi Pushed the Parameters of Typography With Hand Drawn 3D Letterforms (AIGA Article)

Timothy Goodman

Martina Flor

The Pigeon Letters (Hand-letterer)

How Posters Work:
1. Cooper Hewitt Exhibit (Link)

2. Ellen Lupton: Free Skill share Class on Posters

3. Link to Gary Irwin’s project from Ellen’s class that explains a designers process in detail. Excellent example from class of drawing, texture, negative space.

30 Nicely Designed Posters (article)

Words: (This might help with word project in Photoshop class.)
Beautifully designed descriptive images of obsolete words.
A-Z of Unusual Words

Fun type interaction: Text Particles (In the tool bar try changing the word and refreshing.)

Word as Image (Black and white Youtube video of kinetic words 2:55min)

Design Kit: Brainstorming Rules

Hierarchy: (Checking these out will help you organize your mind-map.)

12 Rules of Visual Hierarchy (Blog Post)

UX & UI resources:

Design Kit

ROI (Return on Investment) of User Experience (Video)

IDEO: Human Centered Design Toolkit:

AIGA: Design… connects, informs, assists, delights

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Connectivity Chart

Meaning Making:

The Cultural Differences Between East and West According to One Artist (Illustrations by Graphic artist Yang Liu)


Caprivating Geometric GIFs by Florian de Looij

Colossal Article. Angular Geometry: Colorful Daily Gifs From the Mind of Tyler Haywood

Cooper Hewitt: Saturated (Show about color)

Color Systems and Design (Diana Mouniter: AIGA Conference 2019, 36 min video)

Pamela Caughey(Artist working with color)

Color and Light in Architecture (Archiexpo)

Pantone (Industry standard color system)

Tiffany Blue Story (Pantone)

Color Theory and Colorwheel (Canva)

Five Tips for Working with Color (Society 6 Blog)

The Importance of Saturation in Watercolor (YouTube: video demo, good in class exercise)

Jasper Johns at the Walker (Check out number/color series 1969)

Foundation Design II | Color:

Color Mind color swatch generator

The Effects of Color and Light. (Xrite color perception – part 1)

Great Design Thinkers: Tim Brown on Design Thinking

Color Theory for Web – Elementor

Adobe Color

Beginning Graphic Design: Color (start here)( 6:32 min)

Guide to Understanding Color Communication (X-rite Pantone.pdf)

Hue Test: The X-rite Color Game (100 Hue test) (company page) (Broken Link?)

Teaching Joseph Albers Interaction of Color: Anoka Faruqee

How color effects Purchases ( color-psychology)

The Key to Looking at Color: Empathy (Blog post with images, re: Richard Mehl’s book.)

Colormind (Website with color palettes, etc.)

Easy Origami Spinning Top

101 Color Combinations (Adobe Spark)

Lecture 1_color_wheel

How to paint a colorwheel (YouTube)

(Digital) Tints, tones, and shades in 60 seconds (Video 1 min)

6 Pop Artists You Need To Know  (Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, John Rosenquist, Robert Rauschenberg)

Square Knot: Light Painting Instructions

How: Holiday Cards

Isometric Designed t-shirt including process

Creative Boom: Richard Keeling (pdf isometric images< bright, bold, beautiful)

How to be an Artist: Paul Klee (Line/color)

Mark Rothko: On How to be an Artist (color)

Colossal: Surrealist Monochromatic Gifs by Carl Burton

Pantone Color Assignments for kids

Valentines Day:

The History of the Color Red (My Modern Met – Article)

Using a Red Color Palette (DesignYourWay – Article)

Simple Origami Heart (2:30min)

Color in Design | The effects of Color:
Color Trends of 2021

Animated Graphic on Temperature Change (Uses color as informational tool)

Artsy: A Brief History of Blue (Article- interesting for research)

The History of the Color Red (My Modern Met: Article)

Coolors (app to generate color schemes)

Color Palette Generator

Using Color Theory to Create a Better Design Solution

How Does Color Effect Purchases?  (.pdf chart)

How does color effect purchases? (video)

The Psychology of Color (article from

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding. (article)

Paul Klees personal notebooks: Color Theory

What Do Colors Mean In Logo Design? (13:41)

Package Design 50 Beautiful and Effective Package Designs (2009)

Cut Paper:
Artist Cuts Elaborate Designs With Astounding Details From Single Sheets of Paper

Artists working with Color:

Reine (Gonnet) Paradis: The Creators Project (photographer using complementary colors)

Esther Mahlanguis Keeping Africas Ndebele Painting Alive (Article)

3D Sculptors:
Thadd Mosley 

3D Type Assignment Support Materials:

Three dimensional letters with templates (Epson)

3D Design Solutions:

Fallingwater: Facebook

New York Times Article: Art and 3D Magic in a German Subway (Environmental Design)

3D Letterforms (Article: Thesis project.)

Denmark, Rainbow, Prism Building

Richard Sweeney: Pleated Paper Coolness

Matthew Shlian: New Geometric Paper Art (Article by This Colossal with 2:50 min vimeo video)

One In A Million Stars Project (Folded paper stars video)

Christmas Star:

How to Fold An Origami Christmas Star (Google Search Findings)

Folding 5 Pointed Star (Step by step instructions plus video)

On Million Stars Project (How to make an 8 pointed ribbon star plus video)