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Deep Dive Carving Workshop with Ali from 3 Dotted Penguins!

Carve December 2021. I had so much fun in 2020, I did it again.


In 2020 I did my first 100 day project and a 31 day Carve December challenge. For the 100 day project that I set for myself, originally I was to post a page from my sketchbook daily, for 100 days. Just the act of posting was my initial goal. However, posting a page a day did not prove to be very challenging after the first few days, so I decided to add to my challenge. The modified project became to create a pattern (or more) from the next sequential page in my sketchbook, every day for 100 days. (I started my sketch book in January.) The project started in April, perfect. I generated a lot of work, learned a lot and kept busy during the beginning of the Covid-19 lock-downs. Click on the link below to jump to the project.