Visual Resource:
How to Print Poster Flawlessly ( article)

Typography Posters: Tips, Best Practices, And 108 Examples ( article)

The Evolution of the Alphabet (Article and Graphic,

My Type page on Pinterest

Designers Challenge Themselves to Create a Typographic Logo Every Day for a Year, and They’re Pretty Cool.  (Word marks, Digital Synopsis) (great blog, tons of resources)

The Art of the Luggage Label (Flicker page)

Start Here:
Beginning Graphic Design: Typography
(Introductory Video: type classifications, hierarchy, leading, tracking, kerning, 6:32)
(also listed below under Videos)

The Facinating History of 10 Extra Letters the English Alphabet Used to Have (Video 9min.)

Beautiful Kinetic Type (Thank you Michael Beruit | Pentagram)

Readability vs Legibility (Creative Market: article with visual comparisons)

Type Vocabulary:

Typography Deconstructed (Type vocabulary)

Typography Deconstructed (Type Glossary)

Typography Vocabulary Cheatsheet (Interactive)

Learn Vocabulary:

Quizlet (Learn Typography Deconstructed Vocabulary)
(Excellent quiz, flashcards and test for Typography Deconstructed Vocabulary)

Quizlet (Learn Type Classifications)

Games and apps:

Kern Type: A Kerning Game


Fun type interaction: Text Particles (In the tool bar try changing the word and refreshing.)

IDEO Fontmap

What the Font (Upload an image to identify the font.)

Way too funny: The Critique Phrase Generator (dont know why, just fun)

Type Heavy Branded Events:

Typojanchi 2017 (Website for Typography Show in Seoul. Including animation.)

Prague School of Design Summer

Xavier Monney (see link to article below)

Design Resources:


Graphic Design 1954-2004: from Elaine Lustig Cohen

Ellen Lupton: Free Skillshare Class on Posters

Gary Irwin’s project  (Excellent example from Ellen’s Skillshare class of drawing, texture and negative space.
This post explains the designers process in detail.)

30 Nicely Designed Posters (article)

Typographied Objects (cool site of type applied to objects and type as objects.)

Victoria Macey (Bodoni Bedlam, hand made cut paper book.)

Sites related to type:

Letterology (Type blog)

Daily Drop Cap (Blog by Jessica Hische)

Explorations in Typography (type combos)

Font Explorerx

Fun type interaction: Text Particles (In the tool bar try changing the word and refreshing.)



Typography Pinterest Page

Typography Pinterest Page 2

Articles and Posts related to type:

How to Design Beautiful Typography Fast with Open Type Features (Article and tutorial from Creative Market)

Hidden Treasures: Reconstructing Lost Bauhaus Typefaces  (Article from Adobe Create Magazine)

Xavier Monney’s slick and unique three-dimensional manipulations of type. (Article with multiple motion examples.)

Font Psychology/Emotion: What different Fonts mean. (article, interesting intro into font psychology)

The Psychology of Color (article)

Jan Tschichold: Master Typographer (Review of a book on Tschichold. Scroll down for books section to view full books)

Errol-Morris: How Typography Shapes our Perception of Truth (article)

15 Typographers thoughts on Type

Smashing Magazing: Article on typographic posters. (Excellent examples)

Erik Spiekermann (Type Designer, Extensis blog)

Alphabet Topography (Colossal, Article)

Brilliant New Typeface Combines Touchable Braille with Visible Letters (My Modern Met)

Fonts | Shops | Foundries:

Spoon Graphics (Blog article: 60 Quality Free Fonts You Probably Don’t Own, But Should!)

Adobe Fonts (free)



FontShopForStudents (Education Section sign up for discounts)

Hoefler & Frere-Jones Hoefler & Co. (History Wikipedia)

Hoefler & Co. (

Lost Type



Adobe Edge
Google Web Fonts
FontShop (Web fonts)
MyFonts (Web Fonts)


The Bolted Book (Kickstarter to reproduce old type book)

Typetoken: Paul Rand’s & Jan Tischold’s Type Specimen book (Book)

Jan Tschichold: The New Typography First English Translation, 1928 (Link to entire book .pdf)

Typography: By Emil Ruder (Article and images of book from 1964)

Transition of Modern Typography (in Europe & America 1950’s, 1060’s)

Videos | Interactive:

AirB&B introduces Font: Cereal (Interactive type journey)

Typolution (Video 3:12 min) (Letter)

The History of Typography (5min) (Letter, word, stop-motion)

Word as Image (Video 2:50 min)

What is Typography?
(hierarchy, leading, tracking, kerning) (Video 6:23min)

Beginning Graphic Design Tutorial Page   (page contains number of videos)

Beginning Graphic Design: Layout and Composition
(Proximity, white space, alignment, contrast, repitition) (Video 5:14min)

Goudy and Syracuse

How Typography Impacts Design (16 min)


Alan Kitching: A life in Letterpress (Vimeo 5 min)


Joann Fabrics logo redesign (blog post relates to kerning)

20 Unique Logo Designs (Good figure/ground examples)

Logo Orange (Great site with lots of blog entries on logo trends through the years.)

New York Times Article on the new MET logo

The World of Logotypes (By Al Cooper_Link to.pdf book from the 1960’s)


Hand-lettering Videos

Abbey Sy: The ABC’s of Hand Lettering


Ayesha Gamiet (Manuscript Alluminator)


Beautiful Examples of Calligraphy