The school where I teach has taken a human centered design and research approach to teaching graphic design, beginning with freshmen.
In order to help my class to better understand this transition, I use this page to compile links and useful introductory information.
Explore, enjoy, have fun.

A Brief History of IDEO: A Short Documentary Takes You Inside The Design Firm That Changed The Way We Think About Design

Design Thinking


Design Innovation Diagram

1. Understanding the benefits of user-centered design |
User experience tutorial introduction (video 3 min)

2. Human Centered Design Garmeen Foundation (video 2:30 min)

3. What the #$%@ is UX Design? (video 5 min)

AIGA: Design… connects, informs, assists, delights

4. ROI (Return on Investment) of User Experience: (video)
ROI (poster from the above video)

5. Fitt’s Law  (User Experience Tutorial, video)

6. How to create a customer journey map. (Megan Grocki, video 3 min)

Bonkersworld Organizational Charts: Amazon, Google, Facebook (.pdf)

The Skool: Identity Design vs Branding (28min video)
(Links to other USX design Videos)
Dartmouth X: How Design Thinking Works (8 min video: The cardboard chair project as a template to explain.)

IDEO Human Centered Design Toolkit

IDEO U:  Emapthy |Ideation | Experimentation

What is Design Thinking? (Video)
Why is design thinking relevant? (Video)
Effective Brainstorming Techniques (Video)

Email short course #1
Email short course #2 (Gathering Inspiration – Insight)
Email Short course #3 (Insight – Generate Bold Ideas)
Email Short course #4 (Generate Bold Ideas – Make Ideas Tangible)
Email Short course #5 (Make Ideas Tangible – Share The Story)


In the Future, design principles won’t be about design. Are design principles still serving a purpose? (Article UX design, 5 min read)

How to Apply Design Thinking to Your Own Life

What is Disruptive Innovation?
(Answers title question. Good, clear and uses Uber as an example)

How Design Thinking Helped Demobilize Colombian Guerrillas

Marketing and the Internet of Things IoT

Ready Or Not Here IoT Comes

Sustainability | Global Consciousness:

The Story of Stuff (pod casts & Videos)

Design Thinking –

  1. Design Thinking
  2. Design Thinking Animation
  3. How Design Thinking Works
  4. What is Design Thinking?