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All About Monotype Printmaking

Printmaking Glossary:

Glossary of Terms (Skaliotis Art)

Printmaking Techniques:

Techniques List (Skaliotis Art)

Diazo Photo Emulsion – How to Use it. (Dick Blick – YouTube video 6:32min)


Best Inks for Printing on Paper and Fabric

(See Prepress page for more + paper suppliers)

Choosing a Paper

The Best Printmaking Papers for Woodcuts, Block Printing and More (ArtNews)

Permaset Inks:

Google Permaset

Dick Blick Permaset Ink

Block Printing with Permaset Ink and Homemade Inkpad (YouTube Video)


Speedball Website

Speedball Block Printing Inks

Speedball Intro to Fabric Printing (You Tube Video)

Ink | Printing Videos |Fabric:

Video Comparing 3 Different Types of Ink

Block Printing on Fabric with Oil Based Ink

Block Printing:

Block-printing the Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Color Guide to Mixing Inks for Block Printing on Fabric

Block Printing on Fabric with new Textile Rollers (See supplies)

Utrecht Permaset Ink

Speedball Tesselations Lesson Plan

Gell Plate Prints:
Shoreline Studio #63 – Recreating a Raku Vase In a Gell Print

Introduction to relief engraving class (Subtitles)


Recycled Packaging as Collagraphic Plate


Textile Rollers

Stamp Pads for Fabric: (Un-tested)


Betty Ball
Polymer Intaglio Solar Plate

Anastasiya Masiuk
Monoprints on Acrylic, Landscapes, Acrylic Paint, nice gradients and brushwork, multi-layer technique. FB Link (Video: 4min) (Instagram)
Paper stencil technique, plants

Stencil | Monoprint class at PCA