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Carin Berger

Christopher Newman (Wired Magazine Article)

Stacy Innerst

Printmaker Sabra Field’s Curiosity is Relentless

Your Kids Will Love These Children’s Books Illustrated by Famous Artists ( editorial .pdf)

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Illustrators respond to war in Ukraine

Illustration Reference Resources

Eleanor Roosevelt’s Little Known Children’s Book

Favorite Children’s Books of 2019 (BrainPickings Article, many illustrations)

Matisse as Book Illustrator

The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans the Illustrator Behind Madeline

John Lennon’s “Imagine” Was Turned Into a Comic Strip and the Result is Incredibly Beautiful

Satirical Illustrations of Today’s Problems Drawn in the Style of the 50’s

The Wild Expansive World of Maurice Sendak’s Opera Sets
Maurice Sendak Studio Appartment Interview 1966 (YouTube 15min)

The Difference Between East and West According to One Artist

Using Architecture to Visualize Mental Illness

Childrens Books Illustrated by Famous Artists

My Modern Met: Street Artists Transform an Ordinary Building into a Spectacular Bookcase.

 The Osbick Bird: Edward Gorey’s Tender and Surprising Vintage Illustrated Allegory About the Meaning of True Love (Brain Pickings Post)

Happy Winter Solstice 

The Shadow Elephant (Brain Pickings post)

The Spirit of the Woods (Illustrations for the worlds first encyclopedia of trees.)

ABC book (Universal Scene)


Drawing Helps You Think (YouTube: TED Talk 17min)