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Studio Feixen



PewResearch (Data, numbers, statistics)

Creative Brief
There are many different approaches. Look around for one that you think best meets your communication needs.

The Creative Brief: 10 Things it must Include. (Article)


Graphic Design

Dexigner (Directory: Lots of interesting links.)

Dexigner (Graphic Design)

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Logo design/Branding/Style guides

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Brand New Starbucks ReDesign

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50 Clever Hidden Meaning Logo Designs




Processed Identity


ReBrand: Winners Showcase

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Style Guide Examples

Toxel: 20 Unique and Creative Logo Designs (Lettermarks, Logotypes, Figure|Ground)


Info Graphics

Animated Graphic on Temperature Change (Uses color as informational tool)

Designer Daily – (Information is Beautiful: 30 examples of creative infography)

The Beauty of Data Visualization (TED talk) (17:65min)


Package Design 50 Beautiful and Effective Package Designs (2009)


Resturants | Menus

The Art of the Menu


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