Color Resources: What is Fauvism? (article with timeline and images)

How to be an Artist: Paul Klee (Line/color)

Seat Up: Using Color Theory to Enhance Your Room


Foundation Design II | Color:

Beginning Graphic Design: Color (start here)( 6:32 min)

X-rite Pantone. com (Page with link to sign up and download guide to color or see below link)

Guide to Understanding Color Communication (X-rite Pantone.pdf)

Hue Test: The X-rite Color Game (company page)

How color effects Purchases ( color-psychology)

Easy Origami Spinning Top

Lecture 1_color_wheel

How to paint a colorwheel (YouTube)

How: Holiday Cards


Applied Color:

The color of Money (Episode)

What Would US Money Look Like Given the Proper Attention of an Industrial Designer? (Core 77 article)

The History Behind Federal Reserve Notes (Youtube)


Creative Boom: Richard Keeling (pdf isometric images< bright, bold, beautiful)

Color (from Illustrator & Digital Fine Arts pages)

Colors (app to generate color schemes)

Examples of old B&W photos colorized emphasizes the role of color in photography.

CreativeBoom article on Color Theory

Adobe Color

Color test with triads etc

Color game, eye test, speed.