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Drawing Vocabulary and Links


Leonardo Da Vinci Sketchbooks (Interactive book, British Museum site)

Mesmorizing rotating .gif of the human body.

Vincent Van Gogh (movie trailer)

Vincent Van Gogh (Self Portrait plus discussion)

Types/styles of Drawing:

  • Blind Contour Line
  • Contour Line
  • Gesture Drawing
    Negative Space Drawing
  • Value Drawing
  • Crosshatching
  • Decorative
  • Illustrative
  • Perspective
    • Isometric
    • One Point
    • Two Point


  • Figure/Ground
  • Static/Dynamic
  • Symmetrical/Asymmetrical
  • Rule of thirds

The perception of:

  • Edges/Spaces
  • Spaces
  • Relationships
  • Lights/Shadows (Value)
  • Gestalt (Whole)

Tools for measuring and sighting:

  • Thumbnails
  • Window pane
  • plexi-glass sheet
  • sighting sticks
  • pencil

Drawing applied in Graphic Design:

Ellen Lupton: Free Skillshare Class on Posters

Link to Gary Irwin’s project from Ellen’s class that explains a designers process in detail. Excellent example from class of drawing, texture, negative space.

Lines and Mark Making

Play, enjoy have fun with mark making:

The Art of the Doodle: 20 Examples

MrDoob: Fun drawing tool

2B leftbrain-rightbrain

Check out this virtual tour of this amazing space:
The Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

Elements of Design:

Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Color, Form and Space

Huge list of art/design vocabulary for you enjoy:

Blind Contour Drawing

Article from the New York Times Magazine on Blind Contour Drawing

1. Read this chapter to better understand Line and the vocabulary of Line:
Art_Fundamentals_Chapter 3_Line

Gesture to Line/ Measuring and sighting

Check out these Edward Degas images. (Paintings and Drawings)
There is a nice gesture drawing of a horse and rider at the bottom of the linked page.

2. This reading covers measuring and sighting plus gesture to line:
Drawing to See

Crazy little video of drawing being developed in ink. (4min)

3. This reading explains measuring and sighting:
Keys to Drawing

(Start Here, pencil hold, roughing in composition, draw from shoulder)
Detailed example of Contour Line and how to draw shapes
(line quality, kneeded erasers, soft marks in rear, darker details)
Second Video in the series

4. Reading: Perceptual Skills of Drawing & Modified Contour
Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.14.40 AM


(Start here) Marsha Devine Composition Tips

Composition, proportion and the golden mean.

Drawing Blog on composition and balance, symmetrical, asymmetrical

Bill Kemp Art School (On composition)

The Golden Age and the Golden Mean
(In-depth description of the fibonacci numbers)

Hand drawn image and value applied to book cover design.

Learn to draw: shadow and light

How to Draw for Beginners: How to Shade a Cylinder: Beginning Drawing Techniques





Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.21.47 PM



Introduction to two point perspective. (Article)
drawspace:Eyelevel-4.1.R3 (Establishing eye-level)

The very beginning 1point perspective (Article)

Learning 2 point perspective in 2 minutes (Video)

****Drawing Perspective Shadows
(4 min you-tube video, light, shadows, vanishing points etc., well worth it)

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.51.39 AM

The difference between two point and three point perspective
(good clear explanation of 3 point perspective)
Reading: Color Drawing:_Perspective

Foreshortening (tutorial/article/video)***

Assemblage Art

Self Portraits


National Gallery of Art

Stephan Zsaitsits: Self Portraits with a twist


Prisma Color Tips and Techniques

How to Sharpen Prisma Color Pencils

Colored Pencil: 3 Techniques to shade a ball (Shadows and highlights)



Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.42.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.43.51 PM

Isometric Tutorial By Flow Graphics (8 min, set up guides in isometric perspective, snap to guides as you build)
Tutorial Isometric cube (7min Lynda.com lots of quick commands)
Cube with Type on it (19 min) Effect- 3D-Rotate
Isometric Video (Youtube 4 min)

Example of an isometric drawing through finished shirt design


50 Beautiful_Moleskin_sketchbooks


Erika (I just love the line quality, texture and bold qualities of this portrait)

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