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Easelly: The History of Infographics (Awesome introductory 4.08 min. video)

Easelly: 7 Common Types of Infographics

Story Telling With Infographics (YouTube 2:18 min. video)

Interesting Blog post about different ways to visualize election results. (New York Times)


A Beginners Guide to Creating Shareable Infographics:

How to Create an Infographic – Part 1: What Makes a Good Infographic?

Rules 1 – 9

How to Create an Infographic – Part 2: Types of Infographics (Video 6:05min)

13 Types with examples: Mixed charts, Informational List, Timeline, How To (Steps/Phases), Process (Flowchart), Comparison (2 products, etc.), Location (Regions/Maps/Statistics), Photographic (Combing Image and graphics, Photo is dominant), Hierarchical, Single Chart, Visualized Numbers, Anatomical (pointing to parts of product or body), Visual Resume.

How to Create and Infographic – Part 3: Steps to Follow Before Creating Your Infographic (14min video)
1. Define your target audience. 2. Define your goals. (What do I want to achieve?) 3. Define the medium.

Layout Cheat Sheet Making the Best of Visual Arrangement

I know that you can buy your graphic elements, but you should build your own whenever possible.

Easy to Use Infographics Maker (I know this exists.)


Adobe Help:

Adobe Illustrator User Guide

Adobe Illustrator Learn and Support